Gooh in brief

The good chef, and restaurant, has always dreamt about reaching out to many people with his genuinely good food. The food industry has dreamt about delivering tasty food to a large number of people. So far, no one has succeeded (not if you are serious about ”good” and ”many”). Gooh wants to change all that!

Gooh wants to give more people the opportunity to eat good, well cooked and healthy food to a reasonable price. Simple enough, right?

The name in Swedish is short for Good and Healthy (GOtt Och Hälsosamt). All meals are carefully prepared by the Michelin-star awarded chef Stefano Catenacci, from the top restaurant Operakällaren. The meals are cooked from our own original recipes and we only chose ingredients that can live up to our high standards.

Gooh uses a special technique to cook the food, where taste, consistency and nutrition levels are kept at top level. The final cooking takes place in your own kitchen, this is when the pasta is cooked completely – to come out perfectly Al Dente.

So far you can find the Gooh food in Stockholm and Göteborg, Sweden – in our own stores, in chosen grocery stores and at certain workplaces through our partners. See map

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